Here’s what we’re in for

How about eliminating secret union elections so we can sic the UAW on Honda and Toyota and make them as sick as the (former) Big Three? The Democrats think that’s a grand idea and guess what? They’ll be running the country in two months. 

A UAW ally, Rep. Tim Ryan, D- Ohio, said enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act “would level the playing field. Each facility would be competing on the same playing field.

Some politicians aren’t so sure of the merits of this curse of action:

If the “card check” bill became law, then “I suppose they could share the misery and everybody could be stuck with $70 an hour labor costs,” said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., sardonically.

Unfortunately, you’ll note that Senator Kyl is a Republican and hence, irrelevant. Politics for a change!

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