Nanny’s coming


Arrest them, officer!

Arrest them, officer!

Earlier this week, when a commentator took me to task for my dislike of seat belt laws and my obvious disregard for social responsibility, I suggested facetiously that when I was permitted to seize cookies from fat people’s shopping cart I’d let the state tell me how to be safe in my own car (I wear a seat belt out of habit and have done so since I began driving so we’re talking principle here, not my own stupidity – I display the latter quality in other endeavors). 


Anyway, what I thought was facetiousness was actually prescience – England’s starting charging parents of fat kids with child abuse. Are we far behind?


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2 responses to “Nanny’s coming

  1. In anticipation of this, I guess I should stay away from pork chops.

  2. overworked

    My Nanny feeds my kids Chocolate Chip Cookies and Donuts when I’m not looking. Shall I report her?