When real estate won’t cooperate …

Nothing doing in the Greenwich market today: no contracts (well, that could be said of November as a whole) no interesting price reductions, no new listings and certainly no sales. So before I head out to attend to Thanksgiving food preparation duties, I thought I’d link to James Lilek’s latest screed: this one on modern art, sort of. Lileks is worth reading in his entirety, always, but here’s a snippet from his latest:

But that’s beside the point, really. Liberal culture, if you want to use the author’s broad term, or modern culture, if you want a term less charged, hasn’t produced any high art because it doesn’t want to, doesn’t know how to, and doesn’t believe in it. What started out as an individual revolt against exhausted traditions – something whose origins you could probably trace to 19thcentury political trends, if you wanted to spend the time – became enshrined as a Permanent Revolution against the crusty old bothersome past, the same big hunk of history that summed up the innumerable failures of the West, at least as the grave penseurs defined them. If we are the enlightened ones, then it stands to reason that the culture of the Dark Ages must reflect the sexism, imperialism, fascism, classism, and other myriad isms that stained the globe. But they’ll still go see a traveling exhibit of old Masters, and they’ll still pile in the halls to hear Beethoven, because those are still the gold standards for Taste, and Taste has long been their favorite, and most self-flattering, virtue.


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2 responses to “When real estate won’t cooperate …

  1. too late

    You say that there are no contracts out there but this time, instead of being too late or missing one, my favorite possibility got ‘stolen’ from under me.
    Someone came along and reportedly offered asking price or thereabouts and we weren’t even called to counter offer. What do you make of that one?

  2. christopherfountain

    Wow! It hasn’t been reported yet, I don’t think, but that’s good news for the seller and of course bad news for you. I have been preaching that, even in this market, there are buyers out there but they’re far apart from the sellers on price. This one obviously priced intelligently if it appealed to both you and at least one other buyer.

    As for losing it without receiving an offer to beat the other offer, not everyone wants to get into a bidding war. A good offer, by which I mean a good price with few or no contingencies is a desirable thing to have in hand and rather than risk angering that offerer and perhaps losing him by trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of the deal, it can make sense to just accept the offer as is.

    And that brings up another thing I’ve warned buyers about before. Your offer may not be the only one out there. I’m all for making aggressively low offers, especially in this market, but if you find a house you like and if its price is okay then you, too might want to resist the urge to squeeze out that last dollar. Satisfied buyers and sellers make for solid transactions and good will can smooth out any rough spots that may crop up between contract signing an closing.