Sarah Palin and media hypocrites?

Our former Vice-Presidential candidate has been savagely criticized by her “gaffe” of pardoning one turkey while another bird was being slaughtered in the background. “Oh, the humanity!” “Oh, how could she be so stupid?” Here’s another take: Palin knows exactly where the turkey that will appear magically on your table this afternoon came from, and it’s not from a plastic wrapper. She was at the farm to “pardon” a turkey to save it from slaughter, you dimwits. Asked if she wanted to move away from the background of reality she said “no, it doesn’t bother me”. And it didn’t because she’s been there before and acknowledges that to eat meat, you have to kill it first. What a concept.

This woman hunts her own food and is honest enough to make the connection between killing and dining. Newscasters, political pundits and, I suspect, many Americans are not so honest: keep me in beef, pork, chicken and turkey but for God’s sake shield me from how it arrived in my supermarket. Kill it out of sight, gut it at the slaughter house and send it to the market in a neat, sanitary wrapper. 

Like Palins politics or despise them, she’s a lot more honest about how humans get their sustenance than any of the morons on national TV or UTube. I wonder what Joe Biden’s eating today?

Here’s Sarah’s gaffe.

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