Private schools “thriving”.

In New York City, at least. Applications up, money still flowing in, all is serene. That’s probably good news for Greenwich private schools as well. But there’s this:

Mr. Davison, who also heads the Guild of Independent Schools in New York, warned: “It’s Wall Street that worries us in New York City. If all these financial jobs move to London, we’re in trouble.”

Kinda my thinking as well.

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  1. Anonymous 2

    The article omits a significant factor –

    Private school parents sign a contract binding them for a full year, with tuitions due in December and May.

    So consider this scenario:
    Three children in B’wick and/or the Academy, one in each division – a very “typical” demographic at both schools.

    Come May, these are the families that will be deciding if now is the time to be contractually obligated to pay $80,000 in private school tuition, or meet new friends in the car lines at North Street and the Hight School.