Royal Bank of Scotland is now truly Royal

I don’t know how bad this news is (it was certainly expected) but it can’t be encouraging: Britain takes over the Royal Bank of Scotland. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s the bank that’s been building a huge tower next to UBS in Stamford with the intention of bringing in lots of home-buying, high;y-paid employees. The management keeps denying any intention to abandon that project but I’ve worried the past few months: what do you do with the place if everyone is back in the fens of Scotland? If they have fens, that is – ask a Scot.


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5 responses to “Royal Bank of Scotland is now truly Royal

  1. Anonymous 2

    And What happens to RBS Greenwich Capital???

  2. christopherfountain

    I don’t know. I have a friend who works there but I haven’t had the heart to ask him – he seems to be under a lot of stress, which could be related to general market conditions or could be caused by RBS/GC’s woes. I can’t bring myself to ask, “say, your going to still be employed come Christmas?” But these days, I suppose that’s a question asked pretty frequently of everyone in the financial world.

  3. city dude

    It’s no joke. From what I gather, its dire out there. Battening the hatches and hoping you get through the storm.

  4. christopherfountain

    Someone told me that Goldman Sachs is firing people twice a month and so, every other Friday everyone shows up at the job with no knowledge of whether they will leave as employees or discards. He says it’s tough on morale and I believe him.

  5. Scotia

    We have no fens in Scotland, just glens. Deep, dour, misty and gloomy. Much like the real estate market.