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This may cut down on his popularity on campus

Dalai Lama says sex invariably spells trouble.

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Do no evil?

A reader from Beijing (probably my only reader in Beijing) writes:

“It’s interesting that Hong Kong can read your site because here in Beijing for some reason you can’t. Thats typical of many blogs though the ones on Google rarely seem to have a problem.”

I can’t say for sure, but I would think this easy access to Google sponsored blogs is due to Google’s acquiescence earlier this year to China’s censorship of Google’s search results and, presumably, Google – sponsored blogs.

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More on The Crown’s new bank

Greenwich Time has a cheerful article on Britains’ takeover of RBS and its subsidiary, Greenwich Capital. If I were the worrying type, I’d worry about this quote from Stamford’s mayor about the long term prospects of keeping the new RBS building occupied:

The facility will accommodate up to 3,000 employees; about 600 of them will come from Greenwich Capital’s current home on Steamboat Road in Greenwich, others will come from RBS operations in New York.

“They are moving into the building,” Malloy said. “Obviously, this is a tough time in the marketplace. We will see what happens to them after that.”

Given the proclivity of politicians to always keep on the sunny side, this doesn’t exactly sound like a vote of confidence to me.

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