Cheapest house since 2000?

286 Hamilton Avenue

286 Hamilton Avenue

It may not be much, but it’s home and, at a final asking price of just $375,000, the lowest priced house to sell in town in a long time. I held the record for the cheapest house sold in 2006: $475,000 or thereabouts. Jean Ruggiero sold this one, naturally – she sells almost everything – so I’m now in good company.


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2 responses to “Cheapest house since 2000?

  1. Anonymous

    Jean sold it! I thought a high powered broker like her wouldn’t touch something like this. Well, at least I thought that because of the ridiculous sign outside the Raveis office that demarks her very own personal parking space.

  2. gideon fountain

    Don’t be so sure that the Hamilton Avenue “starter home” went for $375,000. It has merely gone to contract. It is possible it sold for less or more. We shall see….