Call me next year

Just received a call from an appraisal company – someone’s about to be foreclosed, I suspect. Could I do a drive by property opinion in the North West corner of town, supply three comparable sales, three photographs of the subject property and aerial shots of the subject property and its comps? “Uh, sure, I guess”. “And can you supply them by tomorrow afternoon?” “It will mean rearranging my schedule a bit but sure, I can do that”. “And we pay $60 for this – is that alright?” End of conversation.

Maybe next year but I’m not working for minimum wage, yet. What surprises me is that the caller was surprised that I wasn’t interested in the job for that pay. There must be more hungry real estate agents out there than I thought.


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2 responses to “Call me next year

  1. Chris,
    you may know this, but just in case. When the lenders ask you to do these BPO’s, they’re giving you a chance to get your foot in the door with them. If you do the price opinions, and you do them well and on time, and cross your t’s and so on, then soon they’ll ask you to list a foreclosure property for them. And if you do that well, then more will come your way. And god knows there’s a future in foreclosures. So it’s kinda like starting in the mailroom.

  2. christopherfountain

    Ha! No John, I didn’t know that and I’m afraid that, while I was polite to the young lady who called, I didn’t leave much of a bridge to climb back across. Too bad because you’re right: there’s bound to be some heavy foreclosure work coming soon.