Does this make sense?

Greenwich is considering charging residents for each bag of garbage they toss. We pay one way or the other, of course, but I don’t see the cost saving here. The quote below cites a cost to the town of $4.1 million to haul away our trash but we pay private carters to take it from our homes to the dump. Presumably, those carters are charged a dumping fee and they in turn include that fee in our bills. If so, how does paying an additional $2-$3 per bag accomplish anything, other than add a new source of revenue to the town’s coffers. And if thet town isn’t charging carters a dumping fee, perhaps it’s time to do so, all without requiring us to buy special bags at the grocery store.
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The program would also save the town money, officials say. Next year it will cost the town $78 per ton to have its trash hauled away. The community produces about 53,000 tons a year, Siebert said. If that figure holds steady next year, it will cost more than $4.1 million to haul away the trash.
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3 responses to “Does this make sense?

  1. TonyC

    Let’s see . . .that’s 5 bags per week in my household which will mean somewhere from $520 – $780 per year. I recycle already so I do not see a reduction in waste for me. Sounds like a backdoor tax to me. I am afraid we are going to see garbage bags thrown on the side of the road (usually at highway exits) like we see in other towns where people cannot afford garbage disposal fees. I hope our town officials reject this.

  2. Anonymous

    According to previous articles in the Greenwich Time, the town does not charge the carters a fee and some firms have been dumping trash from surrounding towns in Greenwich in order to avoid paying a fee in the towns that they are collecting trash in (and pocketing the difference). The town needs to charge somehow to avoid this practice from continuing. Charge the carters a flat fee, and charge residents who go to the dump a fee per bag, say $1.00.

  3. christopherfountain

    Yes – it seems like a no brainer to (1) charge the carters and (2) prevent out -of-town garbage from coming in. Surely a permit/sticker would do the job – just as they issue them to town residents.
    I’d also like to know how much we pay Bridgeport or wherever to accept our recycling stuff – any idea?