From the people who’ll be bringing you the Trabant II

edisonObama is gung ho on flourescent light bulbs. Here’s what one happy fan has to say about them:

He keeps talking about changing light bulbs!

Is he talking about those CFCs?! Hate, hate, hate them. Have them all over the house. A couple weeks ago, my husband accidentally broke one. Have you ever seen the clean-up instructions for them? Total nightmare. All of that over a stupid broken bulb. I will never install one in the house again, and if regular bulbs are banned, I will buy a storage shed and fill it with enough regular bulbs to last years.

More on the total nightmare that was this bulb breaking:

It broke in a storage closet. You have to throw away any bedding that comes in contact with the broken pieces. Bye bye, down comforter. Bye bye, two upholstered baby seats. You have to wipe down EVERYTHING with damp paper towels because the powder with the mercury fills the air and settles on everything. Hello, wiping down every single holiday decoration we own and other miscellaneous objects. Every tried to wipe down an artificial tree? Me neither–bought a new one. Oh, but really you aren’t supposed to just wipe up the powder; no, you have to pick up every bit of it with TAPE! Have you ever had to go over your entire carpet with tape before? It is not fun. Venting out the house and turning off the central heat was fun that day too. I like hanging out in a forty degree house.

And since the EPA wants you to use these bulbs, their directions are actually less strict than the study they’re derived from recommends. That study recommends replacing the carpet!Over alight bulb!!!

I don’t even know why these made it to the marketplace.

As noted here before, many times, if these awful things did what they promised people would buy them without a governmental edict. My liberal friends think that people are too stupid to decide these matters for themselves but they, wise, beneficent graduates of Ivies as they are, will step in and tell the dolts what they need and what they must use to heat and light their homes, where and how to educate their children (you did notice that Obama, an opponent of school choice in Washington D.C., is sending his kids to private school?) and what to drive. I admire my friends’ confidence in their native abilities and keen intelligence but I do wish they’d leave me alone.


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3 responses to “From the people who’ll be bringing you the Trabant II

  1. Anonymous

    Hate hate hate those stupid bulbs too.

  2. Hiram

    It’s spelled “fluorescent.”

  3. christopherfountain

    They’re awful regardless of typos!