Is Belle Haven immune from our market woes?

36 Walsh Lane

36 Walsh Lane

I guess we’ll find out. This house sold in August 2007 for $11,000,000. It’s back on the market today, unchanged, for 20% more than that: $13,250,000.


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5 responses to “Is Belle Haven immune from our market woes?

  1. too late

    It must have been a bargain at that time and now it’s just realistic pricing. Get with the program!!

  2. anon

    BTW, Walsh Lane is actually not in the Belle Haven association.

  3. christopherfountain

    Sorry, David – didn’t know you read this blog!

  4. Anonymous

    The king of over-pricing reads Chris Fountain’s blog — OMG!!!!!

  5. anon

    Sorry, not DO. Have a friend who lives on that street. They pay for their own sewer etc and seceded from BH Assoc a long time ago.