Circle Drive

26-circle-drive26 Circle Drive has an interesting history. Marshall Heaven, a good builder here in town, owned the land in 2006 but must have changed his mind about building on it because he offered it for sale for $850,000 in November ’06. In July, ’07 the present builder bought it for $712,000 and then he, too must have gotten cold feet because he put it back on in January of this year for $890,000. No third builder could be found so construction on the house began early this year. And now it’s finished.

I toured it today. It’s, okay, as  spec houses in this price range ($2.1 million) go, and has a very large back yard (with a drain smack in the middle of it, suggesting the presence of water – then again, drains are supposed to take care of that sort of thing). I think it’s a pre-fab but I don’t have a problem with that. Nice trim work and floors, a cheesy, to my taste, Palladium window in front and a fair bit of noise from I-95; Circle Drive is, as they say, “convenient to transportation”. I wish the builder had spent the extra money to run some steel I-beams in the basement instead of using pillars which break up what would otherwise be a ton of usable space and I have a prejudice against acrylic bathtubs – no particular reason, I just prefer porcelain. All that said, the biggest impression I took away from this house was how the market has changed. Its price just a year ago or maybe two, wouldn’t have seemed outrageous. But as I drove around the neighborhood I noticed at least four more houses under construction all or most of which, I imagine, are spec houses. If so, then there is a lot of competition to this house about to come on the market and a careful shopper can probably find the one builder in the most trouble and get a house here for a really low price. And if that happens, just to reopen the debate we’ve all so enjoyed here on these pages, the other 4 house’s prices will have to chase it downward.

Or that’s what I think. Your opinion may differ.


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7 responses to “Circle Drive

  1. wow, you were able to write all this from your cell phone? I try blogging from my blackberry and I am only able to write 2 lines.

  2. J

    When are we going to get that article of what is good and bad construction? I never even noticed the difference between a steel I Beam in the basement rather than pillars. It is something that the untrained eye would never realize.

  3. christopherfountain

    Your untrained eye would get trained in a hurry the instant it smashed into one of those pillars!

  4. Stanwich

    You wit is as subtle as a steel I-beam to the forehead. Just kidding, keep blogging, otherwise I will have nothing to read on this sleepy Friday.

  5. A

    You have terrible taste and obviously know nothing about construction. You should check your facts before you post this inaccurate garbage on the internet. Aren’t you in the business of selling homes and not in the business of making up stories? Or do you think that inventing problems with your competition will help boost your sales?

  6. A

    First, the property was purchased from the estate of its original 1950’s owner, not from a builder.
    Second, the property was stick built.
    Third, as far as the steel I-beams are concerned; question for you, how are the I-beams supported if not with pillars?
    This is by far the best house in the neighborhood and according to sources is under contract. The builder should be praised for improving the neighborhood and setting the garages behind the house.