Even (Stamford) waterfront has its limits

123 Wallaks Drive

123 Wallaks Drive

This 2003, direct waterfront home on Shippan Point came on for sale this spring at $5.6 million and has yet to sell. Today it was marked down 30% to $3.6 million. I’ve always had a problem with the approach to Shippan: past the sewage plant and car dealers, etc. but once there it’s awfully nice. And this house looks great. You certainly couldn’t find a relatively new house on an acre of direct waterfront for anything close to this price in Greenwich but then again, this isn’t in Greenwich.


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2 responses to “Even (Stamford) waterfront has its limits

  1. Andrew

    Chris, allow me to split hairs with you..I’ve never had the pleasure.
    Wallacks Drive isn’t really on Shippan Point, which is accessed via the scenic route you detailed, but considered part of “The Cove”, which is separated from Shippan by Wallacks Point.
    If I’m not mistaken, William Buckley’s beloved home was on Wallacks Drive.

  2. christopherfountain

    See? That’s why I don’t deal with Stamford real estate – I don’t know enough about it! I’ve sailed past here many times but the good people of Shippan Point (and “The Cove”) try to keep riff-raff like me from driving in to visit and acquaint myself with the geography. And you’re right: Byckley’s house was indeed on Wallacks Drive – I believe I once visited there in a rare instance of the residents letting their guard down – but I thought I was on Shippan Point.