Is hogsh.. biodegradable?

An article written by a flack flogging his book on the subject and presented by MNBC as a legitimate news item claims that there’s money to be made in marketing “green” homes. Like every other story I’ve seen on this subject, the proponents are long on assertions of a growing market and an increasing willingness of home buyers to pay more for eco-friendly houses but short on any supporting data. I just haven’t seen that here and I believe it’s a myth, perpetrated by the National Association of Realtors, in part, to push its new “eco-educated” agent designation program.

“in real estate, the goal is to have something to talk about,” [agent] Bartle says. 

Mr. Bartle has just confessed the real reason for this new buzz.


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3 responses to “Is hogsh.. biodegradable?

  1. RealtorOne

    Unfortunately, I agree with you!
    The desire to “go green” is little more than a conversation starter these days. First of all, the so called “green” building methods are costly, often times not especially attractive and certainly, so far anyway, not an asset when marketing to buyers. Solar panels have been readily available since the 1970’s. They are prohibitively expensive, ass ugly and not cost effective for about a decade, even with government incentives, at which point the average buyer has moved twice over already.
    Last time I showed a $4.5 million house to a client, the husband scoffed that the incorporated environmentally friendly “green” technology was not proven and in ten years it would be obsolete. The house is still on the market after three years.

  2. As noted in the listing for a home in the Tucson Foothills – ‘Luxury Green Home. 100% remodeled LEED-certified. Entire prop. is environmentally safe/energy star efficient. TEP guar. $59/month heat/cool. No VOCs or toxins.The only remodel in Tucson that is LEED certified.(Gold Level).’

    Be that as it may, it still took 209 days to snag a green buyer, and it sold for a 30% discount off the list price. Sold for $700k, and according to the owner they put $1.0 in it, making it green.

  3. RealtorOne

    Green houses do not bring green (backs) to sellers, apparently.