The real estate market’s just fine in Hattiesburg, Missouri

Or so say its realtors.

That was the point drummed home by various real estate professionals at a meeting of the Hattiesburg American editorial board Wednesday. In attendance were Adam Watkins, president of the Hattiesburg Association of Realtors; Dick Munton, president of Prime Mortgage; developer David Thompson; and area real estate agents Debbie Sinopoli and DeLois Smith.

While national news outlets have been reporting alarming housing trends, they vigorously argued Hattiesburg does not reflect these conditions.

Emphasizing that local economic conditions play the largest role in any market, Watkins stated that Hattiesburg, with its autonomous employment sectors, can weather difficult economic times and continue on a path of moderate, stable growth.

Well that must certainly have been reassuring to local homeowners and would-be buyers. It’s just unfortunate that the article concludes with this little concession:

So far, that message has not sunk in.

“I have been through many periods of time when the confidence is low,” said real estate agent DeLois Smith. “But I’m not sure I have seen one that is lower than it is now.”

I knew we shouldn’t have invited DeLois to that meeting!

Update: Reader Hiram insists that Hattiesburg is in Mississippi, not Missouri. here’s a picture of the town – look like Mississippi to you?



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4 responses to “The real estate market’s just fine in Hattiesburg, Missouri

  1. Hiram

    Um, Hattiesburg’s in Mississippi (MI), not Missouri (MO).

  2. Hiram

    Did I say Mississippi was MI? It’s MS.

  3. anonymous

    Hattiesburg IS in Mississippi…they got snow in New Orleans this week too!

  4. christopherfountain

    I blame Bush.