Freedom of the Press

The New York Times takes pride in its numerous traitorous revelations of our nation’s attempt to combat terrorism but at least its sentiments and actions are fueled by a genuine hatred for George Bush. What was the Chicago Tribune’s excuse for blowing the U.S. Attorney’s investigation of  Blagojevich? According to today’s Journal, the feds were about to capture, on tape, the first outright sale of a senate seat and could have nailed both seller and, more important, the buyer. The Tribune says journalistic integrity demanded that it publish – I think it’s more juvenile than that, and they just wanted to be first with the news, even at the expense of derailing an ongoing investigation. Or the paper knew the politician who was trying to buy the seat – the Journal makes it pretty clear that it was Jesse Jackson Jr. – and wanted to protect him. Take your pick.

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  1. Anonymous

    More of the same media malpractice.