Lucky ol’ Bernard

Bernie gets ankle bracelet, stay out of jail card, for now. Here’s what’s interesting: originally he was supposed to get “four financially responsible individuals” to sign a pledge for his bail. According to the document I link to, he only came up with two, and one was his wife (I assume that his pal Walter Noel is no longer considered “financially responsible”). Gee, maybe his sons weren’t in on it – I hear they haven’t spoken to him since he confessed.


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3 responses to “Lucky ol’ Bernard

  1. CEA

    according to the conditions of the bail/arrest, his sons are not allowed to have contact with their father. It is not by choice they haven’t spoken to him, it is out of legality.

    Remember – they’re trying to keep their cash and stay out of jail. If it means not talking to dear old Dad, so be it.

  2. christopherfountain

    Well I hope the authorities will let the kids write to him in jail – they’ll need to know where he stashed the loot!

  3. CEA

    oh, I bet Mom, who is at home right now with Daddy B, knows and can perhaps point them in the right direction.

    Have you been reading about how the SEC compliance chief married Madoff’s niece – who was the firm’s compliance lawyer? This is a nasty story which we’ll have around for years.