Dreaming of a bleak Christmas

12 Grigg Street is a 1900 single family house just off Greenwich Avenue on a 1/10 of an acre. It sold for $260,000 in 1994 and, although the owner made no improvements during the next 13 years, she listed it for $3 million in December, 2007 as a potential commercial opportunity (zoning allows it). I thought that was a steep price to pay for something off the Avenue with no parking and said so at the time. No doubt that was the reason it didn’t sell (ha!) as its price dropped down through the 2’s finally coming to rest at $2.349. It expired yesterday, unsold. If the seller tries again, I’d suggest she use a commercial broker and get a better grasp of its value.

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  1. kidding really?

    one five ish people…. if you’re lucky and then get ready to gut