Second thoughts on 11 Lindsay Drive

When I mentioned this house yesterday I didn’t remember seeing it and so I was – reserved – in my opinion of value. A commentator who obviously had seen the place took me to task for my mild tone so today I drove by and sure enough, I realized that I had taken did a tour of the house when it first came on. I agree with my reader.

It’s not an awful house by any means, and Lindsay Drive is a good address so this house has some value. I don’t think it’s going to sell for anything close to $13 million, though, and that’s why I didn’t remember it – when confronted with a wildly optimistically priced house I tend to dismiss it and assume I’ll give it fresh attention when the seller gets real. So what should this go for? I don’t know, but I might start at $5 million and see what happens (I’d put that offer in long distance, just in case the builder has a violent reaction). Remember, the seller has another project on Davis Avenue Ridge Street that is “locationally challenged” (the best idea I’ve heard for it’s ultimate disposal? Chop it into four separate units, because it’s already in the R-6 zone) and that financial millstone should, eventually, affect Lindsay Drive’s price too. 

Or not – God looks after drunks, fools and builders with solid fiances, so perhaps He’ll send someone out from the city who perceives a higher value here than I do.


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4 responses to “Second thoughts on 11 Lindsay Drive

  1. interesting

    Which builder is this ? Which number Davis? Chop what into 4?
    Appreciate clarification.

  2. christopherfountain

    Polish fellow using the name Bristol Builders. I think he lives on Riversville Road. And I meant Ridge, not Davis (I’ll correct that in a second). I forget the number but it’s the penultimate house, on the right heading south and the only house there that could even look like it was worth several million dollars (and it’s brick).

  3. christopherfountain

    And chop the house itself into 4 apartments – it’s even got 5 elevators, or something!

  4. interesting

    OK. I know the one now, overlooking your non-vegetarian employer. I thought you meant something in Bruce Park. Good idea dividing it.