A contract! $2 million!

helmsleyNo, not the house pictured – that’s Leona’s place which, despite a $30 million write-down is still for sale. I wonder when Ogilvy or Leona’s heirs will mark that to market? In any event, 8 Hillcrest Park Road in Old Greenwich did go to contract yesterday. This house was built new in 2000, put up for sale in 2003 for $2.650 and eventually sold in June, 2004 for $2.4 million. The buyers returned it to the market in May of this year at $2.750 and when that didn’t work chopped its price until on November 21 it hit $2.495, which has flushed a buyer from the bushes. I would assume that the winning price was less than the asking price so someone lost money here.

And speaking of losing money, two new houses were listed in New Canaan yesterday for $6.775 and $6.895, respectively. They’re both part of the same subdivision on 2 acres each and are sized at 9,500 sf and 10,900 sf. I don’t pretend to know the New Canaan market but these prices, and maybe these sizes, seem out of whack.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was told a realtor lived at 8 Hillcrest.