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Accuracy in media

Here’s a view from abroad that purports to tell the story of Walter Noel and his sin in law, Andres Piedrahíta . I hope the bulk of it is more accurate than this:

The Noels own several mansions, among which are a luxurious apartment in New York and a house in Southampton. In Connecticut they live in Greenwich, a town known as the “richest per capita town in the world,” according to a 1920 quote from Zalmon Gilbert Simmons, creator of a huge mattress factory that bears his name. Heirs of J.P. Morgan and John Rockefeller live there and property there costs between 15 and 30 million dollars. A good part of American hedge funds are headquartered in Greenwich, whose commuter train bound for New York is filled daily by multimillionaires who get off in the heart of Manhattan and arrive at their offices in chauffer-driven and bulletproof Volvos and Audis. Walter Noel stood out in that world, not only because of his business success but also because he was the father of five spectacularly beautiful women who had graduated from the finest universities in the United States. Also, everyone recognized Corina’s intelligence and sense of humor. 

Perhaps the reporter went to Greenwich, England?


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