South Korea adding power plants

Nuclear, coal and liquified natural gas, all to the tune of $28 billion, according to today’s WSJ. Meanwhile, we’ve elected a president who vows to shut down existing coal powered plants, bankrupt anyone who tries to build a new one and who has no intention of permitting a nuclear or gas-powered plant to be opened. So, if you were going to bet on who would still have a vibrant economy fifteen years from now, South Korea or the US, who would you put your money on? 

I’m off to buy stock in propeller beanie manufacturers.


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3 responses to “South Korea adding power plants

  1. Ugh

    People in Greenwich certainly are bitter about the Republicans losing aren’t they? It’s sad really for them I guess. I mean really the vibrant economy we have now was created by them and their ilk.

  2. snowbird

    we’re gonna outsource those nasty power plants.

  3. RealtorOne