Where is he now?

Two of my quicker readers identified Freyda Lindemann, shown in “Hot Time in Palm Beach” as the mother of George, who electrocuted show horses for fun and profit back in the 90s. How quickly we forget – I wrote a novel set in Greenwich and based on Georgie’s antics but my agent hated it – more to the point, he hated the main character, a feeling held by most of the horse set, I suppose. George was convicted in 1995 . Did he ever go to jail? His dad was #512 on Forbe’s richest people in the world list (but did he invest with Walt?) so I doubt it; even if he did he’s probably out by now. Given the friendship displayed between Freyda and Monica Noel (that friendship looks a little frayed in the supplied photo) perhaps George was rehabilitated and went to work selling investments in Fairfield Greenwich’s Sentry Fund. It would have been right up his alley.


Update: Aw, isn’t this sweet? Georgie is now down in Miami, where he serves on the board of directors of an art museum, and is a noted philanthropist and champion of civil rights. That would be civil rights for humans, not animals. Just in case you were wondering how a noted benefactor and philanthropist kills his prized horse for insurance money, he hired a killer to bring into the stables an extension cord with two alligator clips attached. Fasten one clip to the horse’s anus, another to the ear, plug into wall socket and, after some minutes of torment, the horse’s entrails explode, a death usually ascribed to colic. One dead horse, one hefty insurance pay off and the son of one of the richest men in the world is off to Florida to become king of the Jet Set.

Here’s his house. Very nice, but I see no evidence of any horses on this waterfront mansion. Do you suppose a prohibition against owning a horse was a condition of his parole?

Southern Union Corporation, the natural gas company dad founded and George oversees, no doubt with the advice Walter Noel, seems to be disappointing its major shareholders. Like Noel’s FGG, nepotism seems to run in the family here, so to speak.


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8 responses to “Where is he now?

  1. Bob

    And if this guy kills horses, they better keep Walt’s daughters away from him.

  2. Towny

    Speaking of insurance scams: besides fed coverage, arent investment’s sometimes covered by private party fraud insurance?

    • christopherfountain

      not for the Madoff/Noel kind. Investors are sol, unless they can uncover Bernie’s assets or reach Noels. I think they’ll be able to do both but it’s going to take years of litigation, especially to grab that Round Hill Road cottage of Noels.

  3. Towny

    And not for nothing but, one could make a career of writing about Greenwich (white collar?criminals) as there are more here -per square- mile than anywhere else in the world.

  4. Robert

    After a lifetime of apparent generosity, candy boxes included, Helen Brach was sadly also “euthanized” when she tried to stop the horse murders.

  5. pulled up in OG

    At the rate this Madoff story is growing roots (even got the Mossad in on it now), it’s gonna rival the JFK conspiracy theories.

    They’ll be riding this horse for years.