Ariane Noel: “enough about me, what do you boys do?”

Two readers alerted me that an earlier picture showing Andrew Madoff and his wife was actually one of Andy and his new squeeze, Katherine Hooper. Hey – blame the NY Post, who muffed the identification.

But that reminded me that we’ve really been letting the other Greenwich angle to this story drift away: the Madoff boys! So here’s just a bit on them, courtesy of a fly fishing magazine – apparently, since the boys didn’t waste any effort keeping up with dad’s trading activity they spent most of their time fishing. Nice work, if you can get it.

As an aside, Hooper’s quite the babe and a partner with Andy at the Urban Angler so perhaps the wife’s timing of her divorce – the day dad-in-law was pounced on by the feds – isn’t as suspicious as it first seemed.

Andy and Hoops at the ball. Credit Drake Mag. com

Andy and Hoops at the ball. Credit Drake Mag. com

Miss Hooper catches a fish

Miss Hooper catches a fish

mark Madoff salutes Dad's investors

mark Madoff salutes Dad's investors


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11 responses to “Ariane Noel: “enough about me, what do you boys do?”

  1. CEA

    FYI: Bob Rubin, esteemed Citigroup board member, is also an investor in Urban Angler.

  2. Anonymous

    When will the insanity end… fly fishing porn!? This story has so many odd twists and turns. No doubt there are Noel girls’ sex tapes out there somewhere!

    Is that really Mark Madoff?

  3. christopherfountain

    Noel girl sex tapes? Wow! if you find them pass them along and we’ll slap an X rating on this site and post ’em.
    And er, no, I don’t believe that’s really Mark Madoff in those waders. The picture showed up just below a few of Ms. Hooper’s excellent fly fishing adventure but there’s no stated relationship (I’m sure Andy would have been jealous).

  4. gideonfountain

    Say, perhaps that’s enough about the “Noel girls”, no? That Vanity Fair article makes them sound very nice, actually. Is it their fault their Dad was a fool?

    • christopherfountain

      Their dad’s a crook and a fool, they married the same, enjoyed the ill-gotten gains of those men and their mommy hired a publicist to push them first into Greenwich high society and later onto the pages of Vanity Fair. Besides, if I don’t do it, someone else will – they’ve got bullseyes painted on their lovely backs and the fun’s just begun. If they’re smart, they’ll skip down to Mustique and hide. Speaking of which, I wonder if their greenwich/Mustique neighbor, Tommy Hilfiger, invested with dad? If so, Mustique may not be such a good idea.

  5. RealtorOne

    I think I need to take up fly fishing…

  6. Anonymous

    what about Mark’s ex-wife Susan? After the divorce she bought a house on the water in Old Greenwich. If I got divorced, I would be living in an apartment in Stamford. Must be nice to use other people’s money to finance your luxury lifestyle. Some of us have to work.

  7. Rodney

    That’s a nice rod there, Mark.

  8. justice

    they would have to be deaf, dumb, blind, and severely retarded, to not know there father was a crook on a massive level. That goes for you too, Ruthie/Peter

  9. justice

    they knew, and they figured it was going on for so many years,it would just continue. You have these feeder funds, they are greedy morons. Noel, Jaffe, Ezra Mirkin, a disgrace, they all knew something wasn,t right, they had no answer about the investments, but Bernie kept there greed satisfied

  10. justice

    ascot , Fairfield, cohmad owned by Bernie, should be penalized, the acct firm, no integrity, these funds did no due dilegence, your a disgrace, The FEDS should take all there ill gotten fees, then they will sing, soon the SEC will show there true color, ignorance, incompetance, bribery, pick a few