Oh no, not more of the Fabulous Five!

But how can I resist? Business Sheets, in what’s probably an act of copyright infringement but what they’re calling fair use and commentary, has reproduced the long-lost original Vanity Fair article on the girls. You can read it here,as I’m about to. Hurry, before VF’s lawyers (or maybe the Noel’s) make them take it down).


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5 responses to “Oh no, not more of the Fabulous Five!

  1. pulled up in OG

    He he! Looks like Vanity Fair was at the track long before you, Chris.

    ” . . . she’s a coltish mix of tomboy and glamazon.”

  2. beachbum

    sounds like the bush family with brains.

  3. Hiram

    Beachbum’s one of those obsessive types who relates everything to the Bushes. He probably thinks more about them than about sex.

  4. Anonymous

    I just can’t wait to see these crooks in jail and the Phony Five in tears. The VF story was so ridiculous, just makes everyone dislike them more for acting so superior. Daddy and husbands will all go to jail, houses, cars, off shore bank accounts seized, ill-gotten gains stripped away — oh how will Monica and the 5 sisses handle it all!!?? They might actually have to send their kids to, gasp, public school!!

    Life as a “poor” person can be so much fun sometimes!

    Now how do these people still have the nerve to show up at the Round Hill CC holiday party is beyond me.

  5. jess

    Chris, you’re gonna love this, slideshow and all… happy belated holidays!!!