California Dreaming

According to this blog, Fortune magazine’s come out with the ten worst real estate markets for next year and California’s holding down 8 of the 10 spots. I won’t argue with their pick of Stockton, CA – my Sarah goes to college there and between meth addicts, foreclosures and unemployment, the place is in deep trouble. But I agree with the blogger’s quibble over Fortune’s naming of Washington D.C. We’ve just elected a Democrat and are embarking on a trillion dollar plus spending spree. If history is our guide, much of that money will stay in Washington and the extra billion bureaucrats needed to dole out the leftovers will need a place to stay. I’d buy Washington.

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  1. I can’t find it now, but when I was visiting my sister in NoVa back in early November the Washington Post ran a story on the New Party in Town Effect – and found that it has been historically pretty limited. If I remember correctly they pointed to the revolving door between consulting/lobbying and administering as the main factor. People move to NoVa or Maryland and stay.