Chris Dodd, Scoundrel

I made this point months ago (switching to WordPress has messed up my archival retrieving or I’d prove it) but I’m glad to see that our Senator’s crooked ways aren’t going unnoticed by the Hartford Current:

Chris Dodd

Oh give me a home loan: Sen. Chris Dodd never stood a chance at the Democratic nomination, much less the presidency. But that didn’t stop the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee from fleeing Washington during the prelude to the biggest banking collapse of our lifetime and moving his family to Iowa for the  caucuses. Once Dodd did finally come to earth (and back to D.C.), we learned he’d received special low-interest mortgage deals from Countrywide Financial, a company that made huge profits off predatory subprime loans and which his committee was supposed to regulate. Dodd first said he’d make public the details of the loan, then backpedaled and stonewalled reporters seeking answers. Dodd’s up for re-election in 2010 and his approval rating’s sunk below 50 percent. After a year like this, he might find winning another term a rocky ride.

The Current’s right that Dodd had exactly zero chance of winning the Democrat nomination and, no matter how large the man’s ego, he must have known that. What it doesn’t point out is that he is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and used his “campaign” as an excuse to bilk the financial industry of millions of dollars in “campaign contributions” which weren’t spent in Iowa. Where did that money go? Not to pay his Countrywide mortgage – he got a special deal on that (and still refuses to release the loan documents) – I’d guess that if, say, he happened to have a nice little vacation cottage in Ireland that a search behind its walls might turn up items of interest.

Dodd and Rangle are seriously ethically challenged. Far be it from this non-Democrat to offer suggestions to Nancy Pelosi and Henry Reid but if they want “change” from the corrupt reign of Dick Chaney (he’s still the ultimate devil until January 20, right?) knocking these two frauds from their committees might be a good place to start.

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  1. How ironic that Dodd, the pal of and shill for Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez, is going to be done in by his friendship with Angelo Mozilo.