Did Bernie disclose all his assets today?

He had until 5:00 p.m. SEC hasn’t said whether they’ll make that list public but I’m sure it will come out – this story’s too much fun to keep things quiet. The Wall Street Journal suggests that Madoff would be wise to also disclose his offshore accounts but I don’t know – he’s already facing an almost certain life sentence, so how can he be punished further for perpetrating another tiny fraud?  I’d try to keep the accounts secret, “for the kids”. Of course, if I were a defrauded investor, I’d have already booked a flight to Mustique to see what’s in Noel’s villa’s walls.

Update, Jan. 1, 2009 (happy New year!): He disclosed, but, for now, the SEC won’t kiss and tell. Speculation by one commentator suggests that much of what’s left of the loot is in offshore accounts and the SEC wants to get to it before foreign countries seize it for their defrauded citizens. Fun, fun fun.


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7 responses to “Did Bernie disclose all his assets today?

  1. pulled up in OG

    ” . . . I’d have already booked a flight to Mustique to see what’s in Noel’s villa’s walls.”

    Don’t forget to check the hay loft.

  2. Bob

    There is nothing left in the Hay Loft. His daughter’s have munched through that. Check the Brazilians.

  3. pulled up in OG

    He disclosed, huh? Hopefully, it went something like:

    FBI: “Ok Bernie, spill the beans. We can do this the easy way or . . . well, we still got Lindemann’s extension cords in the evidence locker.”

  4. Anonymous

    All joking aside, I just learned of a close friend who lost millions, everything except tangible (real estate) assets. We like to joke on this blog but the fraud has hurt a lot of good people (and charities). Let’s just keep it in perspective as we skewer the Retarded 5 Noels and the Made-off with Money’s.

    • christopherfountain

      It is indeed an awful tragedy for a lot of unsuspecting people who were, in my opinion, neither greedy nor particularly stupid. They trusted their financial advisors and got burned. The Noels and Madoff players deserve what they get – many others did not.

  5. RealtorOne

    Madoff is simply the embodiment of all that has been wrong with our “free markets” these past few years. What is absurd has become common place, who knew the movie Wall Street was only the beginning….