Will 175 Round Hill Road be next?

The sad truth in this world is that lawyers and lawsuits are expensive, especially when you’re involved in $50 billion frauds. News today that Walt Noel’s partner in misfeasance, Jeff Tucker, has been forced to stop all construction on his Saratoga horse farm and plans to ship the nags to the glue factory – unless Walt introduces him to that horseflesh into cash machine, George Lindemann Jr., once of Greenwich, now of Miami.

The fun’s just beginning for Fairfield Greenwich Group and its principals – stay tuned for bargain opportunities in Mustique, South Hampton and Greenwich.


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3 responses to “Will 175 Round Hill Road be next?

  1. hq

    Any pics of Tucker?

  2. InfoDiva

    Quite amazing how that article makes Tucker out to be a victim, rather than a perpetrator, of Madoff’s skullduggery.

    Happy New Year, Chris. Your blog provides a welcome bit of cheer in these tough times.

  3. RealtorOne

    Try as I might, it is impossible to feel any sympathy for any of these characters. They lived charmed lives, had the best of everything and stepped on and apparently stole from, the little people to have it all. My sympathy has gone to spend time where it will get some bang for it’s buck.