Did George Lindemann Jr. ever serve jail time? Update: By gosh, he did!

I can find no record that he did, but this NYT article from 1995 says that he was convicted of crimes carrying a minimum mandatory 15 month sentence and faced up to 15 years for having his show horse Charisma electrocuted. I find it entirely plausible that the son of a Greenwich billionaire would never see the inside of a jail cell, but if anyone with access to Nexus or any other source of definitive information can confirm how George made it from convicted felon to Miami art patron all without a detour to Ossining, I’d appreciate learning of it.

UPDATE: Here he is being sentenced to three years in January 1996. Did he do the time? We’ll keep looking.

UPDATE II: To my amazement, he seems to have been hit with time, even though he fought his conviction all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. He reported to prison in February 1996 and was still there when he permanently lost his appeal, as we lawyers like to say.

 In another ruling Monday, millionaire equestrian George Lindemann Jr. lost an appeal of his federal conviction for insurance fraud stemming from the 1990 electrocution of one of his horses. The court left intact his conviction and 33-month prison sentence, which he began serving in February.

Update III – 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Turns out that the father of John Edward’s mistress (she who bore his love child last year), a gentleman from Palm Beach named Druck, was a client of Tommy Burns, the same killer young George hired to electrocute Charisma up here in Conyers Farm. In fact, according to this story, Burns didn’t know how to do the job so Druck demonstrated the proper procedure. Absent that, George might still be a resident of our fair town and Miami would have lost a great benefactor. Isn’t life strange?

Druck doesn’t sound like a nice man. Besides being a crooked lawyer, the horse he electrocuted with Tommy Burns was his own daughter’s.

This Palm Beach newspaper says George served 18 months of his 33 – month sentence. And gave between $10,000-$25,000 to the ACLU to help in their fight to give Florida felons the vote. No doubt he was shocked to learn of his urban brothers’ disenfranchisement.


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4 responses to “Did George Lindemann Jr. ever serve jail time? Update: By gosh, he did!

  1. RealtorOne

    Look at it this way, “dating” in jail was less scary for him than it would have been for a straight boy.
    After jail, mommy set him up with an antiques business in Miami. And now he deserves none of the good things he enjoys in life.
    His partner in crime tried to claim she had a disabled kid and could not do time, she did have a disabled kid but she never paid it any time or attention, just tried to use it as a prop. Luckily the Judge was not gullible.

  2. Towny

    Not for nothing, but the pic of young George, a few posts’ back, looks remarkebly similiar to a lad that tried to pick me up in Fort Laud. a number of years ago. It was quite unerving as this person tailed me in his aston, for many miles down las olas, even after I re- buffed his sexual advances, twice. I think they call it sexual stalking.

    I eventually tired of the skeevy-nous of the situation, pulled my car over, got out and threatened the driver of the aston with greivous bodily harm if he insisted with this folly.

    I’m not positive that the driver of the aston was boy george, but there is a resembalance.

    I wonder if boy george ever considered the use of a butt plug, whilst riding. Tally ho!

  3. RealtorOne

    In my gracious opinion, he is a butt plug.

  4. CJ

    Rielle Hunter, formerly Lisa Druck? Did you know that she appeared as a character in not one but two best-selling novels? Namely, she was the basis for the character Alison Poole in Story of My Life by Jay McInerney and Glamorama by Brett Easton Ellis. Google it for some laughs. I will give her this, however — she ended John Edwards’s political career, and for that one must be thankful.