Crime along the Merritt

Greenwich police report a string of burglaries along the “Merritt Corridor”.  The term refers to the preference of thieves for an easy on/ easy off commute. They come up the Hutch from the City and fan out along the Merritt’s exits to do their business, then jump back on the highway and tootle on home to familiar turf and fences (which are a different sort than the white pickets one we’re so fond of here in Greenwich). This phenomenon has been going on for years yet one resident is quoted in Greenwich Time as saying he’d never heard of the problem. Had he been my client, he would have. As a reader, now you have, too. Watch out for homes too close to Merritt exits and entrances. And keep a big dog.


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4 responses to “Crime along the Merritt

  1. RealtorOne

    Many years ago…my parents lived three houses in from the Merrit, had a dog and were wiped out by a couple of M.P. Robbers. Hundred year old silver collections worth thousands, family heirlooms, priceless jewelry…wiped out.

  2. realtorme

    In the 1970’s burglars hit the Merritt exit neighborhoods and Byram Shore (exit 2, I-95, west of the toll booths) almost daily, driven by sky-high silver prices. They worked in teams – one circled the neighborhood in a car while the others broke in. This was stopped by the then-new home securitry systems which everyone installed within a few years. It worked, so don’t forget to set yours.

  3. Towny

    Indian Field too. I know someone whose child surprised a robber in their Indian Field Rd home. (20 years ago) The child was nearly beaten to death by the intruder.

  4. bargain hunter

    Why would Indian Field Road be a target today? Is it because they come off the exit 4?
    any other hot spots?
    worth knowing, Thank you.