Not that there’s anything wrong with that

In researching the current whereabouts and activities of Greenwich’s most famous horse killer, George Lindemann,Jr. I discovered that he’s a $1,000  contributer to Project Yes, a program that seeks to prevent suicide among gay and lesbian kids. A laudable endeavor, and almost certainly irrelevant to the man’s demonstrated capacity to treat animals so cruelly, but it’s an interesting bit of personal data for those of us trying to figure out what makes the man tick.

Update: Maybe he’ll be returning to Connecticut soon. He opposed Florida’s amendment to ban gay marriage. If there’s a special someone in Georgie’s life, Greenwich’s Town Clerk stands ready to bless them both.


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3 responses to “Not that there’s anything wrong with that

  1. CEA

    Being a misunderstood teen – gay or not – is not an excuse or reason to pay someone to murder your animals.

    And you have 0 claim on being a “poor, misunderstood teen” when your parents are buying you entire farms and indulging your whims.

    I would think any of your gay/lesbian readership will take umbrage that “what makes him tick” = bad guy = partially because he is gay.

    Plenty of people feel they were misunderstood in high school (myself included) and have still somehow managed to keep our pets and animals alive.

  2. Towny

    Maybe he has had a spiritual transformation?

  3. anonymous


    I don’t think CF meant it that way. Also, my best guess is that you are a lot better person than George Lindeman, or at least not a very sick person as he must be or have been to do what he did.