William Pitt is alive and well

I heard one thing, the principals say otherwise and they should know. So apologies if you were sizing up their offices – sounds like they’ll continue to be using them.


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3 responses to “William Pitt is alive and well

  1. Anonymous

    You should make sure you have your facts right, before you publish information on your blog such as the incorrect information about WPSIR. Really makes you look foolish.

  2. are you sure you kmow the truth? After all Madoff denied for years, and we only now know the truth. Maybe WP is in trouble, maybe not. Where there is smoke there is often fire. Dont turn politically correct on us now.

  3. christmas treats

    Hey, William Pitt is dead…but Fairfield Greenwich Group is not yet…look at these Christmas cards if Monica and Walter Noel forgot to send you some over the years! Belated Christmas wishes…


    Google: “Daily Intel” and “Dec 30 Noel Christmas cards” …what a slideshow…and the text is priceless!