My relief for the horses was premature

I earlier posted that there was no sign of horses near George Lindemann Jr.’s house in Florida and that the poor creatures were therefore safe from his attentions. But I now fear that the house was misidentified and actually belonged to papa Lindemann, who sails, rather than kills horses. George Jr. lives right smack in the middle of the Palm Beach Polo Club – owners beware! You’d think that just as sex offenders aren’t allowed within 1000 yards of a schoolyard a horse killer wouldn’t be able to live around horses but apparently not. We can only hope that George proves to be a good neighbor.

Update: a search of the Palm County records reveals that, while George jr. did indeed own 11950 Maidstone Dive in the 1990s, he sold it to a William Peretti in 1998, just about the time Charisma’s death was coming back to haunt him. Interesting that so many references are still out there listing this as george’s residence but outdated info is still outdated. So where is George? Somewhere in Miami, to be sure – we’ll go look again.


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2 responses to “My relief for the horses was premature

  1. Realtor1

    Hmmm, I could be 100% wrong but I think daddy or Adam own the Polo Club house and Georgie is in a lux condo in Miami.
    Adam and daddy ride Polo.
    Georgie is not allowed on horseshow grounds for life, as part of his guilty of murdering horses charge. Doubt he is living where he is not welcome.
    Like the Amish, we shun him, particularly as he had plenty of moolah and was not a struggling trainer. Just a spoiled, little shit who thought he could get away with a horrendous crime.

    • christopherfountain

      Well that’s the address listed as his primary residence on an SEC form. And surely family friend Walt Noel would be the first to warn young George that it’s wrong to lie to the SEC!