Great moments in real estate pricing

29 Byfield Lane

29 Byfielicingd Lane

Do you remember this new construction on Byfield Lane? It came on in April at the interesting price of $9,495,000 and dropped rather precipitously to $5, 198,000. Even that 45% price cut didn’t work so the builder’s trying a different tactic: he deleted the listing today and brought it back on at $5,998,000. If that doesn’t do the trick, nothing will.


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3 responses to “Great moments in real estate pricing

  1. Hiram

    I wonder if he had any lowball offers at the $5.198 mm price and figured if he was going to get lowball offers they might be acceptable from a 5.998 mm starting price.

  2. greenmtnpunter

    Yes, being a fellow real estater, albeit in the sticks, I, too, am always amused by such seller machinations! Message to this seller: We still don’t see a sufficient level of “distress” in your asking price so we will proceed to ignore the listing. I am guessing that $4,495,000 is the action price for this manse, or is it $3,995,000?! Or “make a ridiculous offer” is the one that really perks me up.