Is there anything the Chinese won’t adulterate and ruin?

A reader sends this link: Chinese drywall ruining houses in Florida.

Reid said his research indicates at least some drywall imported from China during the homebuilding boom years of 2004 and 2005 was made with waste materials from scrubbers on coal-fired power plants.

Those materials can leak into the air as gases combine with the moisture on an air conditioning coil to create sulfuric acid, which appears to be dissolving solder joints and copper tubing – creating leaks, blackening the coils and even causing the system to fail, Reid said.

They keep this up the Chicoms are going to solve our balance of trade deficit – already I find myself checking almost everything I buy for its country of origin and rejecting anything Chinese. I just don’t trust ’em anymore, for anything.

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One response to “Is there anything the Chinese won’t adulterate and ruin?

  1. dogwalker

    I have been checking labels for a while, too. It is absolutely startling how many say “Made in China” . . . all kinds of products . . . even the “organic” spinach at Whole Foods . . . spinach!

    I really am quite internationally minded . . . yes, some of my best friends, blah, blah, blah . . . but we have gotta wake up on China.