Keeping up appearances

or 101 delicious meals made from cat food. A reader sent me this link to a current New Yorker article detailing the sad plight of Palm Beach Madoff clients hocking their jewels. I’ve already urged my New Yorker pal Nick Paumgarten to come revisit our fair city and follow up on the Antares boys and, of course, take a look at how the Noels are coping. Perhaps the spur of competition from a fellow writer will lure him out. What fun.


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4 responses to “Keeping up appearances

  1. Hiram

    I think you mean “hocking,” not “hawking” their jewels.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Any entepreneurs hawking Bernie backpacks in front of his building yet?

  3. pulled up in OG

    Bernie “loves pork sausages” – the cheeky bastard!

    Due diligence like that coulda saved Palm Beach a bundle.