Walter must have spoken to the Madoff boys

Latest defense for Andy and Mark: they’re both too friggin’ stupid to know anything about Dad’s Ponzi scheme. I believe that’s going to be Noel’s story too. Here’s the scoop from

In our ongoing saga to determine whether or not the Madoff sons, Mark and Andy, really had no idea their family business was a scam, we’ve said several times that one the one hand, how could they not, and on the other: FISH. We’ve received 387 pictures of the boysand they are posing with fish on every single one, sometimes with rods in their mouths, always with dumb looks on their faces. Fishing, quite literally, appears to be all they do, and we’re nearly convinced they might’ve had no knowledge of the Ponz. Today, a tipster intimately familiar with the Madoff brothers’ fishier pursuits (he would be the one you have to thank for the many family photos) writes with info that seems to strengthen the argument that the boys (or at least Andy) are innocent:

Surprised more people have not pointed out thatthe woman that was with Andy Madoff shopping in SoHo was his girlfriend Katherine Hooper not his wife Deb… they separated early last year…new girlfriend works for him at Abel Reels and this is not a joke…two weeks before the scandal broke he was bragging how she got a tattoo of his name on her ass.

While it is true that For What it’s Worth did post a picture of a bare-assed fisherman who might have been Mark Madoff but wasn’t, readers with delicate senses will no doubt note with gratitude that we have not posted a picture of Hoop’s derriere, with or without an “I Heart Andy” tattoo. Of course, if anyone can supply such a picture, we may reconsider our editorial standards.


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2 responses to “Walter must have spoken to the Madoff boys

  1. Anon

    Sounds like they are going to try a variant of the Bernie Ebbers “aw shucks, I’m a basketball coach, I never understood this stuff” defense. Didn’t work for Bernie (though if he had gotten his request for a change of venue to Mississippi, who knows?).

    Having worked with them some time back, their presentation then was “we aren’t lucky sperm, we really understand this stuff and are really good, that’s why we have these jobs.” They were also not shy about sharing their expertise as this link shows:

    Now they are press adverse. Or may the fish are biting…..

  2. By the same token, Bernie is also innocent. He was also too “friggin’ stupid” to make any money for his investors for decades. Hmmm.