Do people at the LA Times read this blog?

Of course not. So that liberal bastion out west must have figured out all by itself what a horrible, idiotic device we’ve created in the compact fluorescent bulb. You do realize, don’t you, that Congress has mandated the exclusive use of these things by 2014? This is exactly what happens when politicians run around and look for symbolic laws they can enact to make it look as though they’re addressing a problem. Bad move.

The best part? The damn things are only made in China – that’s right, the same wonderful people who have poisoned our food, smeared lead all over our children’s clothes and toys and even, God knows how, shipped us toxic drywall for our houses will now be supplying the entire country with mercury-leaking glass torpedoes. But I’m sure they’ll be as careful in the maufacturing of these bulbs as Congress was in demanding their use. So that’s a relief.


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4 responses to “Do people at the LA Times read this blog?

  1. Phil Grimm

    Send your burnt out fluorescents to a congressperson that voted for this nonsense and let them dispose of them for you.

  2. Although I personally kinda like CFLs, I agree that government shouldn’t be telling us how to decorate our homes. It’s that old Liberty thing.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Mercury in light bulbs didn’t just start with the CFL replacements for incandescent lamps.

    Think of every school and office building and store you’ve ever been in – nothing but 4′ and 8′ fluorescent tubes.

    And half the parking lots and streetlights – mercury vapor lamps.

    “It is estimated that nearly 75 million waste fluorescent lamps and tubes are generated annually in California. These lamps and tubes contain more than a half a ton of mercury.” And those aren’t CFLs they’re talkin’ about!

    Now, who remembers playing with it when they were a kid?