Maybe Walt Noel should follow suit

Austrian banker drops from sight after Madoff’s arrest. Word is that Sonja Kohn marketed Bernie investment opportunities to Russian oligarchs who aren’t known for having a sense of humor about losing their money. So it makes sense that she’d want to take a little vacation far from the madding crowd. But if, as seems probable, Walt’s Fairfield Greenwich Group sold the same crap to Colombians, I’d think he might want to find where Sonja’s hiding and join her there.

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  1. Inagua

    Walt doesn’t have to run. He has enough money to make any dangerous investors whole. Remember, Walt was not just the most successful Madoff salesman, he was also the greediest. For example, Ezra Merkin, a man not known for financial modesty, took 1-1/2% a year for the money he turned over to Madoff, but Walt took 1-1/2% plus 20% of the profits, both of which came to $185 million in 2007.