Video of Walter and Monica being called worms

Enterprising blogger culls the juicy bits from a BBC documentary on the nut job who bought Mustique in (I think) 1957, lost it due to being a financial idiot and been resentful ever since. He lays into the Noels but as Caroline Waxler of Business points out, while he is simply dreadful, “the Noels are perfectly gracious”. That doesn’t surprise me; friends of Walter Noel all say the same thing about him. Of course, they probably didn’t invest with him, but ….

UPDATE: I’ve now watched the video – fascinating. And the Noels are indeed delightful while Lord Glenwhatever is simply frightful. The New York Observer ran an article on the making of the documentary – the lout of an Englishman doesn’t come off very well in that, either.

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  1. superficial

    Gracious! Youre take is so superficial and gullible…..just like investors in FFG. The Noels are so duplicitous. At least Lord Whatever speaks his mind and isn;t 2 faced. No wonder so many Greenwich fools where parted from their cash with your attitude. Get real!