Betting on the wrong horse

Will you honor and obey me?

Will you honor and obey me?

I hear rumors that the lovely, callipygian Miss Hooper was once an item with a fellow who owned Urban Angler – in fact, this picture of the young lady may well have been taken while she was on a fishing expedition with him to the Seychelles. When Andy Madoff came  aboard Urban Angler, he nabbed Miss Hooper away and now, pray tell, what can she fish for when hubby-to-be is soon going to be penniless and living in a cardboard box? Charles River trout are, I hear, an uninspiring trophy.


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5 responses to “Betting on the wrong horse

  1. that’s some snapper! (oh, and nice fish too)

  2. pulled up in OG

    Ahhhh . . . the good Hooper.

  3. FlyAngler

    First, PoeticJustice, that is a bonefish and quite a respectable one at that. As for “snapper” you must be imagining something below the surface in the photo….

    As for Ms. Hooper, she certainly gets around. I would love to learn the chronology of her leaving Mr. Fisher and “being with” Mr. Madoff. Did Madoff become and investor in the Urban (Str)Angler and Ms. Hooper saw a brighter future than being a fishing bumette with Mr. Fisher? Maybe fishing is her passion and she could fish more frequently and in more exotic places with Madoff. In any event, she may have to recalibrate her ambitions.

  4. urban angler

    Catherine Hooper dated Jon Fisher of Urban Angler for close to 10 years, and became a principal in the store during that time. They lived together and have a daughter–don’t know who is raising the kid.

    Jon is a decent guy; Hooper is a real operator (before Jon Fisher, she was married and divorced).

    As soon as Andy Madoff runs out of money or gets indicted, she’ll leave for somebody else in a New York minute.