Buyers to your checkbooks

Things are beginning to look a bit more realistic all of a sudden. Yesterday I mentioned 317 Stanwich Road, a very nice house on 3 acres marked down from $3.950 (or close to that) to $2.225. That’s a bargain.

While I wouldn’t call 11 Quail Road a bargain, it’s a nice 11,400 sf new house built in 2004 on land purchased for $3.0 million in 2002. The place was listed for $8.875 last Spring, dropped to $7.875 in November and today chopped again to $6.875. I admire a frustrated seller who thinks in millions. 2 acres, round Hill Road neighborhood, under $7? Maybe next year that will look ridiculously expensive – today, it looks a lot better than $8.75 did.


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7 responses to “Buyers to your checkbooks

  1. CEA

    That “whispering pines” or whatever name they put on it – 14 acres on North Street – that is getting pretty cheap too.

  2. Phil Grimm

    Has this house ever been occupied? How much per month does it cost the builder to maintain all of the systems in it? Heat, A/C, plumbing, electrical, security, etc…….

  3. Anonymous

    what address is “whispering pines”?

    chris, do you have the latest info on antares’ “lake carrington”. i know it sold in sept for $13.75mm but will the new owner finish the build out or will he simply hold onto it “as is” until the market turns for the better. i drove by the property a few days ago and the site was desserted – no trucks or workers on site and the security gates were wide open. what gives?

    • christopherfountain

      Whispering Pines is that beautiful old brick house just before Dingletown on the left side (going north) of North Street. I’d guess it’s in the high 400 numbers (street address, not dollars) but I’ll post some better information on it tomorrow. The house needs a huge amount of work but my, it has beautiful grounds. Must have been spectacular when it was built and North Street was a sleepy little road.
      Antares Lake Carrington did sell to someone for $13.750 this summer – I saw nothing going on last time I went by (a month ago) which gives some credence to the rumor that a disgruntled investor of theirs settled his law suit by grabbing it and paying some cash, but who knows? I’ll ask around.

  4. InfoDiva

    That grande dame is at 487 North Street. Greenwich as it used to be, I guess…a large, but well-proportioned house sited on spectacular property.

  5. Chappy4me

    Re 317 Stanwich: I heard the reason it was reduced was because a huge house was being built right in front of it. If you go to and enter the address with zip code, select Bird’s Eye view, you can see the giant excavation. Cute house but sandwiched.