Sleepless nights at 175 Round Hill

Britain joins France, Spain, Ireland and Germany in criminal investigations of Madoff funds. If I have the story right, Madoff used Walt both for the Noel access to rich WASPs here in Greenwich and, thanks to the husbands of the Fabulous Noel Girls, introductions to the rich elite of Europe. Criminal investigations in the very countries the not-so fabulous Noel sons-in-law operated might, I say might, turn up things Walter would as soon not see the light.


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2 responses to “Sleepless nights at 175 Round Hill

  1. CEA

    I will bet you $10 right now that the Noels and all the sons-in-law are off trying to get their assets into liquid form, anonymous, and overseas. Why they can’t freeze everyone is beyond me. Then the Noels will claim bankruptcy, and in a few years all the grandkids will show up with bearer bonds.

    • christopherfountain

      I haven’t seen the Round Hill cottage on the MLS yet, but there are a matched set of his and her golf clubs on Craig’s list that ….