Take a tip from the big boys

So corporate bean counters are under pressure from their PR departments to dump the private jets. But Chairman Preposterous loves his jet and is going to be some pissed at the moron who deprives him of it. What to do, what to do? Simple: put the thing up for sale at a price that ensures no one will buy it.  You and the company look good to the public and your shareholders and the Chairman keeps flying – a win-win solution!

Many Greenwich homeowners seem to have already figured this strategy out and have adopted it for use on their residences. And that’s great, so long as they want to keep owning it.

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  1. holycomeoly

    I’ve heard of instance(s) in town that bank(s) is requiring homeowner to have property on market for minimum of 3 months before Bank will enter into mortgage restructureing. So while property is listed for sale on MLS–wink, wink–the listing is really to faciliate mortgage work-out. Can you confirm or provide any insight?