How cool is this?

Fox has a live video-feed of Bernie’s apartments’ garage, the better to see if he heads off for court (won’t he be late? Decision is due at noon, and I’d think he is supposed to be there to hear it). How come Greenwich Time doesn’t have a similar camera feed for 175 Round Hill Road? Shouldn’t we know what Walt and Monica are up to?

UPDATE: I don’t think he’s coming out; did he see his shadow? Nice touch: there are bars on the window facing Bernie’s (?) Mercedes. Perhaps he’s peering out from behind them, adjusting to the view.


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5 responses to “How cool is this?

  1. CEA

    11:45 and no movement. Maybe it will be announced later today, not at noon:

    “U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis of U.S. District Court in Manhattan will make his written ruling “no earlier than 12 noon” according to a recorded message Monday on the telephone at his chambers.”

  2. CEA

    12:13 – and he gets to stay in his apartment!

    How he gets to stay out of jail, but if he stole from a store he’d be IN jail, is beyond me.

  3. neighbor

    Drove by Noel’s earlier today (1.14.09) saw three days worth of newspapers, then tonight no papers and the place was lit up like an inauguration. The boys are back in town…or at least someone is…

  4. neighbor

    OOOPS you’re right, my bad