Gideon Fountain (no relationship that he’s willing to admit to but “Brother Gid” to me) alerts me to a warehouse sale being conducted by Orvis through January 24th up on Route One, in Norwalk. Not at their store, if one still exists, in Darien, but in the shopping center with a Supermarket – perhaps where Compu US was? Anyway, they’re selling stuff for pennies, including fly rods for 80% off. Why would I need another fly rod? There’s always room for a fly rod – especially since another  brother seems to have disappeared my Powell custom 3 weight. I’ll go check it out and when I find the place I’ll report its exact location here. Of course, a better bet might be to just wait for either Andy or Mark Madoff to hold a garage sale which I’m sure is coming in the near future. But by then, I’m sure I’ll have discovered still more gaps in my arsenal. 

Funny thing – I seem to have rekindled quite an interest in fly fishing lately, even in the dead of winter. Can’t quite figure out why.


Hoops catches another one, Seychelles

Hoops catches another one, Seychelles

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  1. Nicholas

    Chris, you’ve got the location right. It’s the old CompUSA in the Shop Rite Center, across from Super Stop & Shop, north of Home Depot and south of Best Buy. Right next to Circuit City and Sports Authority.
    Ah, the charm of Connecticut Ave…