Someone just made my year

I received the following email – the writer gave his name but I’m pretty sure it’s really from Monica and Walt Noel. But wow! (And no thanks, it would be against the law if I had so much fun doing this and was paid, too).

Somehow in 2004 when we were looking to move to Greenwich I stumbled upon your website and have been following it ever since, especially since your recent retirement from the Paper and the significant increase in activity.
I now follow the site a few times a day to provide me (and friends around me) with a fresh perspective on relevant events.
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic resource, the enjoyable commentary, and the relevant information on local and national issues.
If you decide to take on donations to help pay for the expense of running the site, please feel free to email me at anytime.  Your site is truly worthy of support and certainly better than any of the biased papers.
Please keep up the great work for us all to enjoy and let me/us know how we can help.
With great regard, but anonymously please,


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5 responses to “Someone just made my year

  1. Chris

    Hey Chris,

    There are quite a lot of us that feel this way about you. Please keep up the good work!

    AAP (another anonymous person)

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, sounds like they want to have sex with you! That’s awesome!

  3. writer

    Glad to have made your year. I can confirm that there is no motive to the offer other than to ensure your blog/site continues exactly as is.

    This really is much better than the local paper whom charge the reader (legally) and are still advertiser biased.

  4. Nicholas

    So Chris, why don’t you monetize (first time I’ve ever used this word) your site? Clearly, those of us that read you daily are intelligent, affluent, and informed. Ad men used to call us ‘opinion leaders’.
    And I can’t think of a local business that wouldn’t want our attention,.

    I certainly wouldn’t mind an ad from your real estate firm (or your competition), some restaurant, car dealer, or a local feeder fund.

    Hell, it might be an opportunity for your daughter…