None of the Fabulous Five ever dated Patrick Ewing

"Say it isn't so!"

"Say it isn't so!"

Rumors are going around that the Fabulous Five’s husbands were a bunch of philandering oafs and that the beautiful Noel girls were known for horsing around a bit themselves. Shocking, but no doubt most disturbing to their fans is the rumor that Marisa Noel dated Patrick Ewing. She’s a Nets fan, for heaven’s sake!

Well here, from an impeccable source, is the true story, with some details edited out to protect anonymity.

My parents’ friends … also told us about Marisa dating a black man (not Patrick Ewing), as well as a Jewish man. The black man thing did not last long, but the Jewish man thing did, and Mrs. N oel forced her to break up with him. This is what Monica Noel TOLD [her friend, who is Jewish herself]! …. then told my mom the story, shaking her head.

Poor Andy Madoff never had a chance.


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3 responses to “None of the Fabulous Five ever dated Patrick Ewing

  1. Inagua

    That’s only part of the reson why a Harvard educated Noel married a guy from very unchic San Marino, California who went to a no-name college. The main reason was because he was a financial parasite like dear old dad — he already had his own fund of fund operation. He soon became one of the best Madoff Ponzi salesmen at FFG, complete with that great second home in the Hamptons. What more could a Noel daughter want?

  2. pulled up in OG

    Well, Walt was already in bed with Bernie . . . thus Monica’s one-Jew-at-a-time rule.

  3. NYCT101

    I would not call San Marino an unchic place to live.
    Its the nicest and most expensive part of Pasadena.
    THE YOUNGEST SISTER did not date Mr. Ewing.
    See where MR Ewing was in the 80’s and who was in college near him.